We only accept the very safe, very fake credits system that is built into FanHub. Nothing on here costs real money. 

To be redeemed at the show of your choice on this current tour between Nov 22nd 2019 - Dec. 14th 2019.


Please remember to fill out your information with your correct name and phone number by going to THIS LINK so that we can get it touch with you on the day of the show.





Credits are credits that you earn by doing various activities on our Chevelle FanHub. Once you have earned enough credits you can purchase a variety of things from our virtual store. We will be adding more cool stuff from time to time so be sure to check back regularly.

You can earn credits doing various activities on the site, like referring friends, playing quizzes, uploading photos, posting messages, participating in events, etc. Reminder: Inviting friends using your referral link if the fastest way to gain credits! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE WAYS TO EARN CREDITS

Credits are a very fake, very secure virtual currency. It is not needed to share any your financial information on our site.

We need your real name (As seen on your ID) and your phone number in order to verify who you are and contact you on the day of the show. Use THIS LINK  to enter your information. None of it will be shared publicly to the social network. We do not share your information.


For more information on how we protect your data please refer to THIS LINK

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)